Japan to build 300-mile automated cargo conveyor belt
TOKYO: (Web Desk) Japan, which has always been at the forefront of technology, is now going to take a new and unique step to revolutionise the transportation system.

The country is planning to build the world’s first 300-mile automated cargo conveyor belt which will operate round the clock and transport goods.

The conveyor belt will connect Japan’s capital Tokyo with Osaka city. It will move at high speed like an escalator, on which containers full of goods will be transported to their designated place.

It is to be noted here that Japan is currently facing three main problems:

1. Shortage of trained drivers: Due to the increase in population, there is an increasing shortage of trained drivers who can drive goods trucks.

2. Economic challenges: Japan needs to increase its exports to manage the declining economy, but transportation problems are hindering this.

3. Environmental issues: The use of diesel and petrol is increasing greenhouse gases.

According to Nomura Research Institute, Japan’s conventional freight traffic was 1.43 billion tonnes in 2020, which is expected to decrease to 1.4 billion tonnes in 2030. In this situation, a conveyor belt is a great need for Japan.

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This conveyor belt will operate twenty-four hours a day. There will be a place in the designated section of the belt where up to one ton of goods can be loaded. It is believed that after the construction of the conveyor belt, the jobs of 25,000 drivers will be affected every day.

The Japanese government is rapidly planning the project, The Shanghai Post reports. This conveyor belt will ensure the smooth transportation of cargo across Japan.

Japan’s Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito said at an event that the conveyor belt will be built under highways, underground tracks, motorways, etc. A special cordon will be constructed on both sides of this road so that no human or animal can cross it. Along with this, several control rooms will also be set up for its operation.

This project of Japan will not only solve the country’s internal transportation problems but also strengthen Japan’s technological superiority at the international level. The belt is also believed to help Japan’s economy to reach new heights and also contribute to the solution of environmental problems.