Jeff Monson accepts Islam, ‘stands shoulder to shoulder’ with Palestinians
MOSCOW: (Web Desk) American-Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter Jeff Monson has converted to Islam, pledging to support the cause of Palestine against Israeli genocidal actions particularly in Gaza Strip, as reported by Russian news agency TASS.

American-Russian mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter Jeff Monson has converted to Islam.

During a ceremony, the athlete s formally accepted the fastest growing religion. The ceremony took place in Moscow on June 20.

A video showed Monson reciting the Shahada, a declaration of faith in Islam.

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Another video shows Monson wearing a Palestinian flag, his eyes filled with tears, as he expressed his decision to embrace Islam.

"I deliberately adopt Islam. I would like to stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers during this complicated time. I have been thinking about it a lot, but this is a decisive step," the media agency quoted Monson as saying.

Monson, a seasoned MMA fighter with 60 victories, 26 defeats, and 1 draw, previously rejected US citizenship and became a Russian citizen in 2018.

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He was elected as a deputy of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan from the United Russia party in September 2023.

Monson, who has had an illustrious career in MMA, grappling, and wrestling, revealed his decision during a press conference in Moscow. The fighter, who holds both American and Russian citizenship, expressed that his choice to embrace Islam was deeply personal and came after years of introspection and exploration of various religious beliefs.

In his statement, Monson said, “This journey has been one of profound transformation. Over the years, I have sought meaning and purpose in my life, and I found that Islam resonates with my values and beliefs. It provides me with a sense of peace and fulfillment that I have been searching for.”

Monson’s decision to convert has garnered widespread attention and support from the MMA community and his global fanbase. Known for his activism and outspoken views on political and social issues, Monson’s embrace of Islam is seen as a continuation of his quest for justice and truth.

Monson also mentioned that he has been studying the Quran and Islamic teachings for some time and feels that this path aligns with his personal and professional life. He expressed gratitude to those who have supported him throughout his journey and asked for continued understanding and respect for his decision.