Areej Chaudhary gets overwhelmed sharing story of her love
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Actress and former Miss Pakistan World Areej Chaudhary got overwhelmed while sharing the story of her love during a Suno Digital podcast, stating many sacrifices have to be made in love.

The actress said, “One should not play with [someone’s] heart, for in it you have kept Allah. And when someone sheds a tear for whatever reasons, it goes to Allah.”

She also said, “Nobody should be given the freedom to come into your life and spoil it, for even a strong personality like me found it difficult to handle such a situation. I was on a deathbed for a year.”

She added, “If you don’t have the courage to convince your parents, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone for so many years. You should be aware of the courage you have. You should not waste someone’s time.”

She further said, “I was reciting the Quran in front of the Ka’aba at night. The name of this man popped up on my cell phone screen, and I cursed him.”

The former Miss Pakistan World pointed out, “Love is not just a name of liking or disliking someone, but always supporting each other in any situation. It was my first relationship. I always told her to talk to her parents for marriage.”

Areej Chaudhary revealed, “This man kept using delaying tactics with me for two and a half years. He even swore by the Holy Quran to marry me, but he refused.”