Babar Azam shines under the bright lights of Suno News
LAHORE: (Suno News) Pakistan team captain Babar Azam has recently participated in Suno News’ ‘Showtime with Ramiz Raja’ where interesting issue of the world renowned cricketer’s marriage amused the audience.

 In the show, Babar Azam gave very interesting answers to the questions.

On the question of marriage and wife by hosts Ramizraja and Hina Niazi, the captain was shy at first and then entertained the show with his expressions and fascinating replies.

The host asked whether he wanted to get married or not. At which Babar Azam laughed and said that marriage had to be done. And while laughing, he asked Ramiz Raja, “Why do you lack trust in me, I will get married compulsorily.

On which the host again asked him, “Has anyone seen the girl or is it yet to be seen? To which Babar once again gave a very interesting answer that he will see in his free time when to get married. “In fact, I get very little time due to cricketing schedule and now there are cricket series and big tournaments ahead.”

“What do you want your wife to be like? Pakistani or Italian? And should she have an understanding of cricket or not?”

In response to this question, Babar said he would marry a Pakistani girl, adding “My wife should have a little understanding of cricket”.

Co-host Hina Niazi also asked the skipper whether he would see the bride himself or honour the wishes of his family. On which he said that there should be an understanding between him and the family members.

The co-host of the program asked Babar Azam again what qualities he wanted in his wife. To which, Babar interestingly replied, “My wife should be able to make me practice batting in the net.” He believed that there should be an understanding between life partners in addition to apparent beauty.