Adil Raja handed another fine by UK court for default
LONDON: (Suno News) A UK High Court has dismissed an application filed by controversial YouTuber Adil Raja requesting the court to wave off a £15,000 fine in the defamation case filed by Brigadier (Retired) Rashid Naseer.

 On April 14, the UK High Court imposed the fine on Adil Raja in an appeal he had filed in the defamation case. The court had remarked that all allegations levelled by Adil Raja against Brigadier (retired) Rashid Naseer are baseless and incorrect.

For filing the application for cancellation of the fine, the court dismissed the application on April 16 imposing an additional fine of £3,000 on the Youtuber.

Besides a £10,000 fine, the judge had also passed an order that Raja pay £5,000 to the applicant, while the court gave until April 17, 2024, for the payment of the fine.

The court has also rejected defendant Raja's request to take security of one and a half lakh pounds as well as to keep witnesses confidential.

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Raja had launched a campaign against the Pakistan army officer through X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and Facebook videos in June 2022.

He remained failed to get the defamation case dismissed against him. As a result, he was ordered to pay the costs, contempt of court fines, and security expenses.

Earlier, retired major Adil Raja admitted to defaming the former Pakistani military officer at the UK High Court.

He accepted before the London High Court that most of his social media publications were potentially defamatory towards the claimant. Raja’s defamatory content included a tweet alleging that the officer’s colleagues intended to harm him, as well as Raja’s endorsement of terrorism against the officer.

Adil Raja had acknowledged that his publications and promotions constituted defamation under common law. He accepted almost all the meanings put forth by the lawyers representing the claimant.

The case was initiated in London by the retired brigadier after Adil Raja published several false and defamatory statements on his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, making unfounded accusations against him.

Adil Raja initiated his defamatory campaign against the claimant on June 14, 2022. As per court documents, the military officer filed his case through his UK lawyers on August 11, 2022.

In his defamation claim, the retired military officer refuted each and every allegation as false and stated that he had suffered significant damage to his reputation, with the potential for further harm in the future.

Raja appeared in court with his lawyer and PTI UK leader Mehtab Anwar Aziz via a video link.