Shahzaib Rind tells why he slapped Indian fighter Rana Singh
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Pakistani mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Shahzaib Rind Tuesday spoke about why a brawl broke out with Indian fighter Rana Singh during a pre-fight press conference hosted by Karate Combat 45 in Dubai.

 During a Geo News’ morning show, Shahzaib he slapped the Indian fighter after he talked inappropriately against Pakistan on social media and then used inappropriate words in the press conference before the fight.

Shahzaib said, “After the press conference, when the Indian fighter abused me and pushed me, then I slapped him to bring him to his senses.”

During a pre-fight press conference hosted by Karate Combat with a few fighters in attendance, things got particularly heated between the Indian and Pakistani fighter. Things soon took a turn for the worse. The Indian fighter had abused Rindh and made some extremely obscene remarks about his motherland.

Eventually, the situation reached a tipping point when the two men faced off against each other. Rindh and Singh got physical during the faceoffs and had to be separated by security.

After he knocked out India’s Rana Singh leading Pakistan to a win over the arch-rival in the Karate Combat 45 held in Dubai, Indian celebrity Salman Khan, the Tiger of Bollywood, felicitated Shahzaib.

Salman was present during the match when Pakistan defeated India in one of the most anticipated clashes of the contest.

The Indian actor and the Pakistani Karate hero had a little chat. Afterwards, Salman joked and said: “Great fight. Do you knock out everywhere in 20, 20 seconds?”

They also shared laughter after which Shahzaib introduced Salman to his brother. Later, they posed for a photo.

On his Instagram account, Shahzaib posted, “@beingsalmankhan it was an honour to fight in-front of you boss watching you since childhood. Love you bhaijan Thank you bro @abdu_rozik you are such a good person@basitrind5.”

The fight was decided in the last round after Pakistan's Rizwan Ali and India's Himanshu Kaushik won the first and second match, respectively.

The event began with Pakistan’s Rizwan Ali taking on India’s Pawan Gupta in the first round. The Pakistani did not have any trouble in taking his opponent down as Gupta was soon lying on the floor after Rizwan knocked him out in the first round.