Simple tricks to maximise air cooler’s benefits in summers
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Air coolers are a popular choice for the general public, especially for those who want to avoid inflated electricity bills.

However, they cause humidity and stuffiness in the rooms. In the following lines, we will tell you how to get cool air by dehumidifying an air cooler.

Choosing right position

For the best performance of the air cooler, it is necessary to keep it in open space. Place the cooler in such a position that hot air from the back can easily escape and fresh air from the front can easily enter the cooler.

If placed in a room, place it at some distance from the wall with its back facing a window or door.

Using ceiling fans

The ceiling fan will draw warm air out, reducing the humidity and stuffiness in the room. It is also a great idea to use an exhaust fan, which will help get rid of excessive moisture and hot air.

Testing cooling pads

The cooling pads inside the air cooler should be at least four inches thick and not made of cardboard, as cardboard pads create stuffiness in the room. Check the ear pads regularly to see if they are getting completely wet, take them out, clean them and replace them every three to four years.

Using cold water and ice

Add cold water to the air cooler to get cool AC-like air. Nowadays, air coolers with ice boxes are also available in the market, in which more cold air can be obtained by adding ice.

These are the few points to keep in mind when using air coolers. Choose the right location, using a ceiling fan, testing cooling pads, and using cold water can provide you with cool fresh air while keeping humidity at bay.