Hania Aamir expresses solidarity with Palestine at Hum Style Awards
LAHORE: (Web DEsk) Pakistani actress Hania Aamir has expressed solidity with Palestinians at the Hum Style Awards and renewed his call for immediate ceasefire in the occupied territory.

 As Israeli forces have killed more than 35,000 Palestinians in the besieged territory of Gaza since the attacks began in October, also United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has renewed his call for “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip.

The actress supported the cause of Palestine by wearing a Keffiyeh-imprinted pink and black suit adorned in the hues of Palestinian flag.

She selected to wear the attire inspired by the Keffiyah and adorned in the hues of Palestinian flag at the Pakistan Hum Style Awards 2024.

Actor Hania Aamir earlier took to Instagram to share a video about Israeli genocide in Gaza, and said, “I feel helpless and I feel ashamed right now. I am ashamed of leading a comfortable life while people are dying, being bombed, losing their loved ones, their families and their homes. I’m here posting Eid photos and I’m ashamed of the fact that I posted anything other than what is happening in Palestine.”

She maintained that anybody who’s seen the videos coming out from Palestine would have the heart to at least talk about them. She said, “So talk about them. I’m not asking you to stop living your normal life, but one, two posts and hashtags a day are not going to hurt your social media.”