Babar Azam’s father advises son to respect seniors, treat teammates as brothers
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Azam Siddique, the father of cricketer Babar Azam, expressed gratitude over the reinstating of his son as the white-ball captain of Pakistan and also advised him to respect his seniors and treat his teammates as brothers.

He expressed gratitude to God that Babar had been made the captain of Pakistan again, adding: “It is a matter of great respect that the people in power gave [us] respect. This is also among the great blessings of Allah.”

He pointed out: “Now it is being said will there be unity among the team. I have said Babar to forget what happened in the past. Amir and Imad are older and also your seniors. Be humble before them, respect them by heart, and give importance to their opinion. Consider all your teammates brothers. These 11 players will have to conquer the World Cup.”

He added: “Many are saying that it will not happen. God willing, it will happen because Allah is the Most Merciful and the Owner of all means. He hardens and softens the hearts, provided your direction is correct. Long live Pakistan.”