SC orders affixing of summon outside Qasim Suri’s residence
ISLAMABAD: (Suno News) The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the affixing of a copy of the summon outside the residence of former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri who could not appear before the court despite repeated orders.

 A three-member apex court bench led Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa heard Qasim Suri's appeal against the election tribunal's decision.

The court remarked that according to the records, Qasim Suri's brother Bilal had refused to receive the summons on behalf of Suri. As a result, the court ordered that a copy of the summon be affixed outside Suri's residence.

The court observed that Qasim Suri was deliberately not appearing before the court and termed his evasion of receiving the summon unfortunate.

Addressing Suri's lawyer Naeem Bokhari, the chief justice remarked that his client was active on the conventional and social media. Bokhari replied that he did not watch TV.

The CJ then asked whether he was familiar with platforms like Twitter. Bokhari answered that he neither used social media nor knew how to operate it.

When the lawyer reiterated that he had no contact with Qasim Suri, the chief justice announced that the next hearing would be scheduled in July with the court's order specifying the date and adjourned the hearing.

As per the law, where the defendant or his agent or such other person as aforesaid refuses to sign the acknowledgment, or where the serving officer, after using all due and reasonable diligence, cannot find the defendant, and there is no agent empowered to accept service of the summons on his behalf, nor any other person on whom service can be made, the serving officer shall affix a copy of the summons on the outer door or some other conspicuous part of the house in which the defendant ordinarily resides or carries on business or personally works for gain, and shall then return the original to the Court from which it was issued, with a report endorsed thereon or annexed thereto stating that he has so affixed the copy, the circumstances under which he did so, and the name and address of the person (if any), by whom the house was identified and in whose presence the copy was affixed.