After bidding showbiz adieu, Moomal shares religious posts on Instagram
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Pakistan showbiz industry actor Moomal Khalid has bidden adieu to the glamorous world of entertainment and now is found sharing religious posts on Instagram seeking help from God to be firm on the right path.

 The showbiz industry actress has recently shared a Dua seeking Allah Almighty’s help to remain firm upon the right path determined by Quran and Sunnah.

The post reads, “(Ya Muqallibal-qulub thabbit qalbi ala dinik) (which means) O Changer of the hearts make my heart firm upon your religion.”

The actress announced her decision to leave the industry on her Instagram post where she could be seen adorning hijab in her new pics.

Even then, various news items are being published guessing whether the actress has joined the list of celebrities who have left the entertainment world.

Answering to a question asked by a fan ‘whether she would perform in dramas in the future’, the actress said ‘no’.

She has seen many ups and downs in her career in both personal and professional fields. A car accident left her severely injured in 2015 when her fiancée Shahzaib could not survive.

In 2017, she married to Usman Tapel and is now a mother of two kids.

The famous actress has done various big dramas in her career as well as modelling for different brands. She is very active on social media. But she has now transformed her life spiritually.

After working in dramas like Mere Humnasheen, Bechari Qudsia and Kho Gaya Who, Moomal has now changed her lifestyle and is often spotted in Hijab. She also shares religious teachings on her Instagram account.