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US Latest Combat Aircraft Goes Missing

US F-35 fighter goes missing

US Latest Combat Aircraft Goes Missing

Washington:(Suno News) The U.S. military has requested assistance from the public in the search for an F-35 fighter jet. It is reported that the pilot of this jet had ejected using an “ejection seat.” However, it remains unclear whether the aircraft crashed on land or in the sky.

The aircraft went missing last week when the pilot was flying over the state of South Carolina. It is reported that the pilot, whose name has not been disclosed, had safely ejected from the aircraft. The pilot has been transferred to a hospital for medical treatment, and their condition is stable.

It is still not clear what happened to the aircraft, but authorities have stated that the aircraft faced a “challenging situation.” They have said that they are searching around the northern lakes of Charleston.

The use of foreign intelligence surveillance information for collecting information about U.S. citizens is not allowed in matters related to national security.

Charleston Hunting Base has posted a request for assistance on X Social Network. The statement says, “Emergency response teams are still attempting to locate the F-35. The public is urged to cooperate with military and civilian authorities.”

The statement also mentions that anyone with information that can assist the search teams should contact the operations center. It is worth noting that these jets, built by Lockheed Martin, are estimated to cost nearly 80 million dollars each and are among the world’s most advanced aircraft.

The F-35 jet is the largest and most expensive weapons program of its kind in the world. In 2018, after an incident in South Carolina, the U.S. military temporarily grounded all F-35 fighter jet flights.

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