10 December 2023

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UFOs spotted in northern England

UFOs spotted in northern England

UFOs spotted in northern England

LONDON: (News Desk) Bizarre aerial objects are usually considered an American phenomenon, but new imagery shows two over the north of England.

A ‘concerned citizen’, who wishes not to be named, has described sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from her back garden in Stockport, according to MailOnline.

The first, described as looking like a square or triangle, had a hazy appearance and was changing shape and ‘darting around the sky’.

Meanwhile, the second object – a much brighter white in colour and ‘shaped like a Tic Tac’ – kept vanishing and reappearing.

One of the most famous and unusual UFOs to date, spotted by the US Navy in 2004, was the floaty white oblong similar to the breath mint.

‘The triangular one was so strange, it looked like it was made of metal with a dark hole in the centre,’ the citizen told MailOnline.

‘The Tic Tac one was cool too, it kept getting brighter then disappearing and coming back.’

The two ‘questionable’ objects, which were sighted by the resident over separate nights in the first week of October, left her feeling ‘concerned’.

Nick Pope, a UFO expert formerly with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, said the images and the story behind them are ‘fascinating’ but couldn’t identify the aerial entities.

‘It’s not possible to discern much about this sighting from the photos alone,’ Pope told MailOnline.

‘Any mention of a Tic Tac-shaped object performing unusual manoeuvres is particularly intriguing given the US Navy sightings of such objects.’

Another British UFO researcher, Philip Mantle, said they could be ‘conventional’ objects such as drones or something else fairly explainable.

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