10 December 2023

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Trump called Hezbollah ‘smart’ and the Israeli Defense Minister ‘an idiot’

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Trump called Hezbollah ‘smart’ and the Israeli Defense Minister ‘an idiot’

Washington: (Suno News) Former U.S. President Donald Trump referred to Hezbollah in Lebanon as ‘smart’ and, in further criticism of Israel, suggested Israeli leaders needed to ‘up their game.’

In an interview, former U.S. President Donald Trump continued his criticism of Israel, stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not prepared for the attacks in Gaza last week. He claimed that Netanyahu had backed out of participating in the American plan to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Regarding the recent attacks to prevent which the intelligence had failed, Trump said that Israelis should have warned against not attacking Hezbollah in northern Israel. He referred to the Israeli Defense Minister’s statement cautioning against not launching the attack as foolish.

After making these statements, Donald Trump is facing strong criticism from members of his own Republican Party. This is particularly rare, given the pivotal role Trump plays as the frontrunner for the next presidential election of the Republican Party.

During a rally in South Carolina, Senator Tim Scott stated that they could not accept statements that could send the message to Israel’s enemies that American and Israeli leaders are at odds on this matter.

The White House also labeled Trump’s statements as dangerous, questioning how a former U.S. President could praise an organization in such a manner.

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