16 February 2024

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TikTok vows to protect Pakistan elections’ integrity

TikTok vows to protect Pakistan elections' integrity

TikTok vows to protect Pakistan elections’ integrity

LAHORE: (Web Desk) Popular online video-sharing platform TikTok has announced measures to deal with the spread of false and misleading information, news, and hate speech by social media users during general elections in Pakistan.

TikTok is making specific policies for the personal accounts of government, political parties, and politicians that will prevent them from receiving or giving money through fundraising, advertising, or TikTok monetisation tools.

The TikTok spokesperson in a statement said new restrictions are being imposed to prevent the spread of false, misleading information, news, hate speech, voter intimidation, and incitement to violence.

According to the spokesperson, the distribution of funds through funding, advertisements, and monetisation from Tik Tok platform is being banned during general elections.

TikTok will set up a Pakistan Election Centre to counter false and misleading content during the elections. The centre will provide authentic information to the users about the elections, including how to vote and determine the various locations.

The spokesperson said the TikTok will use local language along with modern technology to ensure for social media users a safe environment, free from violations of its community guidelines.

TikTok will continue to be an authentic information platform for its users and implement its policy against political ads, the spokesperson added.

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