Saudi Arabia to transform Hajj with cutting-edge technology
MAKKAH: (Web Desk) In the future, the role of technology will be important in performing Hajj and Umrah.

Through a new application, pilgrims will be provided with smart bracelets, cards and earphones, which will provide them with information regarding Hajj and Umrah rituals.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has presented a video clip depicting the Hajj 12 years later, showing the extensive use of technology. This modern technology will bring convenience and comfort to Hujjaj.

It is mentioned in the video that the registration of Hajj in 1451 Hijri will be done through the mobile application.

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Through this application, pilgrims will be sent a box, which will include a bracelet, Haji card and earphones.

Pilgrims coming from abroad will avoid long waits at Hajj customs through Electronic Haji Card.

All they have to do is swipe their card through the customs machine. With this card, they will be able to board the Harman train and reach their designated hotel where their luggage will be already there.

During Tawaf and Sa i, the wristband will keep track of the number of cycles and will alert you when you pass between green lights during Sa i to change the speed there. In addition, pilgrims will be able to listen to relevant prayers through earphones during Tawaf.

The earphones will remove the language barrier between pilgrims and Hajj organisers. Through them, the pilgrims will be provided with the translation of the conversation in different languages.

If a pilgrim gets separated from his companions, his electronic card will help him locate them through his mobile phone and he can be easily traced.