Pro-Israel group hits back at Afridi’s selfie clarification
MUMBAI: (Web Desk) North West Friends of Israel has hit back at former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi after he refuted claims that he had offered his support to the pro-Israel group in a tweet on June 20.

 The Israeli offensive against Hamas in Palestine particularly Gaza Strip began on October 17 after the group's attack on Israel. The genocide has now claimed over 37,000 lives in Palestine while nearly 1,200 have died in Israel in the Hamas attack.

Afridi's selfie with the group members in the United Kingdom called had gone viral as they said that Afridi had offered his support for their call to release the hostages at their NWFOI vigil last Sunday in Manchester.

Afterwards, Afridi quickly released a statement saying that the Zionist group had approached him for a selfie and he obliged. Rejecting the group’s claims, he expressed his concern for the situation in Palestine.

"Imagine strolling down a street in Manchester (UK) and so-called fans approach you for a selfie. You oblige, and moments later, they upload it as some form of Zionist endorsement. Unbelievable! Please don't believe everything that is uploaded"

He added, "Seeing innocent lives in Palestine suffer is truly heartbreaking. Thus, any photo or association shared by in Manchester does not reflect my support for any situation where human lives are at stake."

Afridi said that he takes pictures with fans from all over the globe, and "this situation was no different".

"I pray for peace, I pray for an end to this war, I pray for freedom," he said.

Hitting back at Afridi in a new tweet, the group said that Afridi approached and he was wearing a mask at that time. The group said they initially didn't know who he was. They said that Afridi approached a member who was handing out the leaflets. They further stated that Afridi took off his mask and he asked for pictures by walking to the main group.

The group claimed Afridi had agreed to the selfie with leaflets in front of him. It added said he knew what he was doing and offered his support willingly.