After Imad and Amir, Imran Nazir also announces return to cricket
LAHORE: (Web Desk) After Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim, Imran Nazir has also announced his return to cricket and started training to play cricket at the highest level.

The former Pakistan cricket told the media that “I have decided to return to cricket again. It is very important to be fit to play cricket. If I attain the fitness level, why can’t I play cricket at the highest level?”

He said, “Since I have been out of cricket for a long time, it will take me some time to attain fitness. I understand and I believe that if I work on fitness and cricket skills for a couple of months, I can play good cricket.”

He added, “If I am healthy again, I will definitely play cricket one day at good level. I was slow poisoned. I will not name anyone for this slow poisoning. I only pray for them. My recovery took a lot of time. I came to the cricket field after seven years. It was a nightmare of my life which I have forgotten now.”

He stated, “I got life and health, so now I have started playing again. I want to play good cricket at the last stage of my career because cricket is my job. I want to be an inspiration to my children and youth to never give up and be determined like I am now that I have to play cricket at good level.”

It should be noted here that Imran Nazir has played eight Tests, 79 ODIs, and 25 T20 matches.