10 December 2023

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Qatar is trying to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas: Jerusalem

building in isreal with qatar's flag on the right

Qatar is trying to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas: Jerusalem

Gaza: (Suno News) The famous Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post has claimed that Qatar is trying to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel and Hamas will release the women prisoners in their custody. Hamas demands the release of all Palestinian women prisoners.

It should be noted that after Hamas launched one of the biggest attacks in its history, Israel carried out intense airstrikes on Gaza last day, resulting in the loss of many lives. Israeli warplanes targeted houses, buildings, and mosques in Gaza, killing more than 400 people, including 20 children. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described these attacks as “powerful retaliation.”

An Israeli army spokesperson told reporters, “We are launching a severe attack on Hamas, and this will be a protracted war. Appeals for restraint are coming from all over the world after this escalation. While most Western countries stand with Israel, Iran, Hezbollah, and various Middle Eastern countries’ demonstrators have strongly supported Hamas’s attacks.”

In the Al-Aqsa Operation, the number of killed Israelis, including senior military officials, has exceeded 700, while more than 1,800 people have been injured in this operation.

On the other hand, the third day of the war between Israel and Palestine is ongoing. Israel’s blind bombing of Gaza, which has been going on since last night, has so far fired a thousand rockets. The number of Palestinians martyred in various clashes has reached five hundred and ten, while more than three hundred have been injured.

Palestinians are also being prevented from offering funeral prayers. Funeral prayers cannot be offered in open places, and efforts are still underway on the third day to break the blockade of Gaza’s largest jail. Gaza has fired more than four hundred missiles into various areas of Israel.

On the third day, the Israeli army was still unsuccessful in clearing the illegal settlement of Sderot. The control of militants is also present in the city of Ashkelon. Security forces of Israel in Afakim have been targeted by missiles from Gaza. So far, more than seven hundred Israelis have been killed and more than nine hundred have been injured.

The Israeli Defense Minister said that Gaza has been completely sealed, and permission is not given to enter food, oil, or anything else. Al-Jazeera has claimed that Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Rafat Abulhalal was killed in Israel’s aerial operation in Egypt.

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