16 February 2024

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PTI’s opponents to get big shock on Feb 8: Imran

PTI’s opponents to get big shock on Feb 8: Imran

PTI’s opponents to get big shock on Feb 8: Imran

RAWALPINDI: (Suno News) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan has said that no one knows what is going to happen on February 8. “On the election day, people will vent their anger, and PTI’s opponents will get a big shock.”

During an informal talk with the media in Adiala Jail on Friday, Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif was running an election campaign. “Tell me what type of incompetents were in government for 16 months during which the economy of the country was destroyed. The biggest problem of the country was the external deficit which they had left for us.”

He said, “Our government left the growth rate at 6.7% which they reduced to zero. Inflation went up to 12.4 percent during our tenure, but they took it up to 38 percent.”

He continued lambasting the PDM government and said, “The graph of terrorism came down during our time. We had good relations with the Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government, but they destroyed Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan as well. Due to their foreign policy, Pakistan became isolated.”

He claimed, “They [PTI opponents] are afraid of the people. I know the people [of Pakistan]. No one can defeat the people.”

While talking about the issue of infiltration by Iran into Pakistan, he said that Iran had made a mistake by carrying out strikes in Pakistan.

“It should not have happened. Iran’s enemy Israel will try to spoil our relations. Pakistan’s economy is currently in turmoil. In these circumstances, we should not get into conflicts. We cannot change our neighbours. Our government tried its best to make our relations with India good,” the PTI founder said.

“By expelling the Afghans, we increased hatred towards Pakistan. The solution to all problems is fair and transparent elections. Guns don’t solve problems. The political government finds political solutions,” he emphasised.

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