10 December 2023

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Police stations in Lahore filled with underage drivers

Police stations in Lahore filled with underage drivers

Police stations in Lahore filled with underage drivers

LAHORE: (Suno News) Police stations in Lahore have been filled with underage drivers as 1,632 cases have been registered after strict orders of the Lahore High Court (LHC) against underage driving.

Lahore traffic police have launched a crackdown on underage driving on a large scale, and as many as 1,632 cases have been registered in four days and hundreds of vehicles have been impounded.

It has been clarified by Lahore traffic police that a case will also be registered against those who give vehicles and motorcycles to minor children.

Moreover, cases are also being registered against those driving vehicles without a license.

The Lahore chief traffic officer (CTO) has said that parents should never allow children below 18 years of age to drive a car or motorcycle.

“Parents are responsible for their children’s future. A criminal record can lead to difficulties in obtaining government jobs and visas,” he added.

“Now an FIR will be registered against underage drivers. Parents should take the responsibility and never allow their young children to drive,” he advised.

Earlier, the LHC ordered to arrest the underage and unlicensed drivers.

Justice Ali Zia Bajwa remarked, “Such drivers are playing with the lives of citizens. Don’t give any concession to any such driver.”

A hearing was held in the LHC on the plea of Afnan, an underage driver who killed six people by hitting his car with theirs in Lahore.

On the order of the court, the Lahore chief traffic officer (CTO) and the senior superintendent of police (SSP) appeared.

They told the court that provisions of terrorism had been included in the case against the accused.

The court remarked, “Action should also be taken against those who give vehicles to their minor children.”

The LHC also issued a notice on a plea for legal protection to the accused Afnan and sought a response from the officers concerned.

Speaking to the media, the plaintiff said that he wanted justice only, not death money.

The lawyer of the accused said, “Punishment should be given if there is a crime, but the right to a fair trial must not be denied.”

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