Reham Khan blasts govt over inflated electricity bill
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan, lambasted the government over inflated the electricity bill she received.

In her X/Twitter post, she expressed her anger over receiving the inflated electricity bill and said, “I just got my electricity bill for June. I was in the property for only 12 days. Only one AC in use in one room & that too at night since I’m working all day. It’s a brand new AC so considered cost effective too. This is in Lahore.”

She added, “Now how can a person in cities like Karachi who has an earning of 1 or 2 lakhs & young kids in school or college afford this? How can a retired pensioner afford this?”

She vehemently criticised the government, saying: “This government is displaying criminal callousness.”

Reham Khan shared a photo of her electricity bill on social media and said that she received a bill of Rs59,471 for the month of June.

It is to be noted here that besides people, showbiz personalities have been expressing their anger over inflated electricity bills these days.

A few days back, senior actor Rashid Mehmood broke down in tears over the inflated electricity bill, saying: “I am very worried. Today, I think why my God saved me.”

The actor said in his video message on the video-sharing application Instagram that his electricity bill for 701 units was Rs45,368.

He said he has survived four heart attacks and served the country faithfully all his life.

“Billions of rupees have been collected, but no work has been done for us in the past many years. Now where will I get the money from to pay the Rs45,000 electricity bill?” he expressed his anger.

He said while crying, "Holy Lord, I was born in the wrong country. We lived our lives fearing Allah. Is this our fault? Oh Lord, lift me up [from this world]. I don’t want to live. I could have gone abroad and done a lot of work but I didn t."

He added, “My heart is aching. I am sick. I am praying to die. What have I done wrong by serving this country all my life?”

Rashid Mehmood further said that the ruling elite has made the nation suffer, adding there is nothing for the people in the country.

“All these parties are the same. They are all doing it for themselves, and no one is doing anything for the people. Millions of people will be complaining about the inflated electricity bills.”