16 February 2024

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Pakistan busts RAW-organised terror module

Pakistan busts RAW-organised terror module

Pakistan busts RAW-organised terror module

ISLAMABAD: (Suno News) Pakistani intelligence and security agencies have busted a five-member Indian terrorist net and arrested RAW operatives along with their facilitators involved in terrorist activities and target killing in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s security agencies have exposed the international terrorist gang’s activities on the basis of evidence. Indian citizens Ashok Kumar Anand and Yogesh Kumar are directly involved in the murder of Mohammad Riaz and Shahid Latif. Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies arrested the target killers in the light of irrefutable evidence.

In this way, the Indian government has established a tradition of killing at state level as its agents are involved in the killing of civilians in Pakistan. The neighbouring country has spared no effort to promote terrorism across the region especially in Pakistan and is destabilizing the regional nations.

The Pakistani law enforcers arrested the Indian target killers and their accomplices and facilitators while they were trying to escape from Pakistan. Riaz was arrested on September 8, 2023 in Rawalakot while Shahid Latif was arrested on October 11, 2023 from Daska.

Both the Pakistani citizens were peace-loving citizens and their only crime was that they exposed India’s ugly face and its atrocities and barbarities in Kashmir. Investigative agencies have credible evidence that Indian nationals in third countries were involved in this targeted killing campaign.

India has killed various innocent people in terrorist acts in various countries including Pakistan. India is engaged in continuous violations of international laws. India is in complete violation of Article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Article 2 (4) of International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Indian intelligence agency RAW is playing the role of a global terrorist organization. Even before this, plans of extrajudicial killings carried out by Indian agencies under the auspices of the Indian state in Pakistan and other countries have been exposed.

Likewise, Indian agents killed Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada last year. Canada gave a strong diplomatic reaction to this and highlighted the murder at the world level.

It is a great achievement of the security agencies of Pakistan that they caught the gang and brought the evidence to light. The United Nations should take notice of this terrorism and violation of international laws by India. Pakistan’s security and law enforcement agencies are always working hard to respond to Indian terrorism and keep its citizens safe.

Exposing the Indian nefarious designs, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi said that Indian intelligence agency Research Analysis Wing (RAW) was involved in the killing of Pakistani citizens.

He said that Umair himself came to Pakistan and carried out the murder with a 5-member gang.

Qazi said that the Indian agents killed Shahid Latif outside a mosque in Sialkot on October 2021. He also alleged that an Indian agent orchestrated the murder of Muhammad Riaz by hiring an assassin.

These killings were linked to “higher-level cases” and implicated a “sophisticated international network spanning multiple jurisdictions”, he further stated.

He said that Indian agents employed advanced technology and sought refuge in foreign countries to carry out assassinations within Pakistan. They hired the services of supported individuals including criminals, terrorists, and unwitting civilians, assigning them murder tasks.

He detailed that Indian agent Yogesh Kumar alias Muhammad Umair planned the murder. “We have evidence related to the Indian agent’s activities. The Indian agent has confessed to the murder of Shahid Latif, and also provided full support in both the murders,” Qazi said.

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