15 February 2024

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JI’s Naeemur Rehman vacates PS-129 seat over ‘electoral fraud’

JI’s Naeemur Rehman vacates PS-129 seat over ‘electoral fraud’

JI’s Naeemur Rehman vacates PS-129 seat over ‘electoral fraud’

KARACHI: (Suno News) Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Emir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman on Monday vacated his Sindh Assembly’s PS-129 seat over the alleged electoral fraud and said, “Such a big fraud has been committed that it is unfair to call it an election.”

Addressing a press conference in Karachi along with the JI election candidates, he said: “Those who are with me won the election. These people have got a far greater number of votes than MQM. It was quite obvious from the start that there would be rigging. Election to the 22 national and 47 provincial seats were held in Karachi. MQM and PPP had captured the ballot boxes.”

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The JI leader said that there were many polling stations where polling had not started at eight o’clock, adding that polling had not taken place at many polling stations.

He claimed that the election commission had been informed on time, but it did not do anything. “The rangers and we stopped rigging at some places. The counting process started at five o’clock, after which Form 45 was not given.”

The JI Karachi emir said that the worst type of rigging had been carried out in Form 47, alleging that the election commission had deployed the army and Rangers outside the polling offices so that the rigging could not be stopped.

“According to Form 45, the people of Karachi voted for Jamaat-e-Islami in large numbers. The election commission is not independent in this country,” he censured.

“What is happening in the country is not democracy. Our people have won according to Form 45. We have the forms. No one can challenge them. Junaid Mukati obtained more than 29,000 votes while the MQM candidate got more than 3,000. MQM has been made successful by increasing the number of their votes,” he alleged.

“Karachi is being handed over to the terrorists. A victory was arranged for MQM from New Karachi. This city has been handed over to MQM. I express the fact that PTI has got more votes. We will accept MQM also if it wins fairly,” he stated.

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