16 February 2024

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Israel kills 174 Palestinians amid ICJ ruling

Israel kills 174 Palestinians amid ICJ ruling

Israel kills 174 Palestinians amid ICJ ruling

GAZA: (Web Desk) Gaza’s Health Ministry on Saturday said that 174 Palestinians were killed and 310 wounded in the enclave in last 24 hours, even as the International Court of Justice ordered it to take steps to prevent acts of genocide, reported Aljazeera.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has denounced the continued targeting by Israeli forces of its telecommunications crews in the Gaza Strip.

The Qatari media network reported that the most recent attack took place earlier today in this morning the Sheikh Radwan area in Gaza City, where Israeli forces fired live bullets and a tank shell directly at one of the crews working at a station, resulting in injuries and damage to their vehicles.

This came despite prior coordination through international institutions with the Israeli army, the ministry said, as well as the visibility of the telecommunications logo on their vehicles.

“The crews were able to reach the Sheikh Radwan station in advance and were deliberately targeted three times, which prevented their completion of their work and endangered their lives,” the ministry said.

The station is the main one in Gaza City and northern Gaza Strip, and has been out of service to these areas for about two consecutive months.

Palestinian photojournalist Sami al-Sultan has shared a video of a child in Gaza enduring the bad weather to sell food and provide for his family.

The child is seen trying to take shelter from the rain behind a table where his offering has been placed as a torrent of water runs under his feet.

Switzerland says no decision will be made on an expected aid payment to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees until “serious accusations” against several UNRWA staff are clarified.

The Swiss foreign ministry said it was “extremely worried” about Israeli allegations that several UNRWA staff members were involved in Hamas’s October 7 attacks inside Israel.

The Swiss foreign ministry said the country’s annual contribution to UNRWA, around 20 million Swiss francs ($23m) in recent years, had yet to be approved for 2024.

“No decision will be taken as to this payment until we have more information about the serious accusations against UNRWA staff members,” it said.

Georgios Petropoulos, the director of the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs in Gaza, says the months-long war has left 2.2 million people at risk of starvation in the Gaza Strip.

“Everyone in Gaza needs aid now and the war must stop,” he told Al Jazeera. “We can only meet a third of the population’s need for clean drinking water.

Medical and humanitarian facilities in Gaza must be protected, he added, and stressed the need for humanitarian aid to flow freely into the blockaded territory.

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