10 December 2023

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Iran Warns of Action Against Israel Within Hours

iranian president talking about Israel and Palestine war

Iran Warns of Action Against Israel Within Hours

Tehran: (Suno News) Iran has issued a warning of action against Israel within a few hours.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, has stated that they cannot remain silent spectators to Israel’s crimes in Gaza, and, therefore, an attack by the resistance front is possible. Iran’s involvement in the conflict is also not ruled out.

The Iranian Foreign Minister made this statement in an interview to a government TV channel. He was asked whether Iran would go to war against Israel, to which he responded that no possibility can be ruled out.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has cautioned that a preemptive attack on Israel may be imminent within the next few hours to ensure their safety. He also mentioned that the groups supported by Iran present in the region will not allow Israel to do whatever it pleases in Gaza.

He further stated that the ongoing war crimes in Gaza cannot go unnoticed, and no one can separate themselves from these atrocities. He added that if Iran does not save Gaza today, Israel will bomb its own cities tomorrow.

Here, the United Nations Security Council has rejected Russia’s proposal for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

According to international media, at the Security Council meeting, four members voted in favor of the Russian proposal, while four, including the United States, opposed it, and eight countries did not participate in the voting.

The Russian resolution demanded “immediate, durable, and humane cessation of all hostilities” and strongly condemned “all actions of violence, war, and terrorism against civilians in the strongest terms.”

Israel and Hamas have been at war for the past five days, and the Security Council had two closed-door meetings but failed to reach any results.

On the other hand, the British Prime Minister has blamed Hamas for the Israel-Palestine conflict. Answering questions in the British Parliament, Foreign Secretary Rachael Suvanuk said that everything is happening solely because of Hamas.

Rachael Suvanuk said that they are making every effort to provide relief to affected innocent people in collaboration with international leaders. They are increasing aid to humanitarian organizations in the affected areas.

Remember that the Israeli attacks on Gaza have intensified, causing thousands of buildings to be destroyed. The number of casualties has risen to over 2800. Over a thousand dead bodies have been dug up from beneath the rubble.

The Israeli forces also targeted the Rafah border crossing. The head of Israel’s Security Agency, Shin Bet, has accepted the responsibility for the failure to provide prior information about the October 7 attacks.

Hamas and Hezbollah are also launching counterattacks against Israel. The assaults have claimed the lives of 291 Israelis, including 1,400 wounded, while 199 are in Hamas’s custody.

Columbia has ordered the Israeli ambassador to leave the country while expressing solidarity with Gaza.

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