Why do we catch a cold in summers?
LAHORE: (Web Desk) Flu, cough, and catching a cold in summer are something not to worry about, for they happen more commonly than you may think.

With summers come heat, scorching sun, and profuse sweating which leads to heat stroke and dehydration.

It is believed that people fall prey to cold, cough, and flu more commonly in winters and rainy season. However, they often complain about these issues in summers as well.

There can be various reasons behind the complaints of cold, cough and flu in summers. They are as follows:

Sudden change in body temperature

One of the major causes of cold in summer is the sudden change in temperature. The sudden change from the heat outside to the cooler indoors can cause the body temperature to change rapidly. It affects the immune system of the body.

Drinking cold water

We eat ice cream and drink lots of cold water in summer due which chances of cold, cough and flu also increase.

Moisture and sweat

High humidity and sweating in summer can also cause chills. Viruses and bacteria grow faster in humid environment. Sweating also causes the levels of electrolytes in the body to drop which not only weakens the immune system but also increases the risk of infection due to which the risks of catching a cold also increase.

Pollution and allergies

Pollution and allergies are also among major causes behind catching a cold in summer. In hot season, the amount of pollen in the air increases which can cause allergies major symptoms of which are sneezing, nasal congestion, and sore throat.

Additionally, a polluted environment also weakens the immune system of the body which increases the risks of infection.


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