10 December 2023

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Hamas Attack: Israel Uses Social Media to Portray Itself as Victim

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Hamas Attack: Israel Uses Social Media to Portray Itself as Victim

Gaza: (Suno News) After Hamas’ attack, Israel has turned to YouTube to portray itself as a victim. Israel is using YouTube for advertising campaigns, appealing to its citizens to stay safe in the wake of Hamas’ attacks.

Israel has imposed a complete blockade on Gaza, stopping the supply of electricity, food, and fuel. Following Hamas’ intense attacks, Israel’s Defense Minister, Yuval Gantz, has ordered a complete lockdown of Gaza.

Meanwhile, missile attacks from Gaza on Israel continue. Hamas has launched 120 missiles, targeting 12 Israeli cities. According to international news agencies, Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, and nearby areas have suffered severe damage due to missile strikes. Israel’s cities of Sderot and Ashkelon have also been hit by missiles.

These attacks have caused significant destruction in Israeli cities, resulting in civilian casualties. Israeli TV reports that several Israeli civilians have lost their lives in missile attacks, while in Gaza, Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of over 400 people, including 20 children. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed these attacks as a “strong retaliation.”

Israeli fighter jets have targeted houses, buildings, and mosques in Gaza. Over 400 people have lost their lives, and more than 1,800 have been injured in these operations.

On the other hand, Israel and Palestine are on the third day of their conflict. Israel’s relentless airstrikes, which have been ongoing since the night, have seen over a thousand rockets fired towards Israel. Over 500 Palestinians have been martyred in various clashes, while more than 700 have been injured.

Palestinians are being prevented from offering funeral prayers, and even open spaces cannot be used for funeral prayers. Efforts are ongoing to break the blockade in Gaza, which is the largest prison in the world. Gaza has fired over 400 missiles into various regions of Israel.

On the third day, Israeli forces were still unable to clear the illegal settlements in Sderot. The city of Ashkelon is also under the control of militants. In Ashkelon, Israeli security forces have been targeted by missiles. So far, more than 700 Israelis have been martyred, and over 300 have been injured.

Israel’s Defense Minister has stated that a complete lockdown has been imposed on Gaza. There is currently no permission to bring in food, fuel, or anything else. Al Jazeera has alleged that Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Rafaat Abolhalaal was killed in Israel’s aerial operation in Egypt.

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