10 December 2023

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Gold Price Increases by Over 5,000 in Per Tola Price

gold prices on the hike

Gold Price Increases by Over 5,000 in Per Tola Price

Karachi: (Suno News) Gold prices have increased once again, with the price of gold per tola now costing 5,5000 Rupees, reaching 205,000 Rupees.

According to the details, 10 grams of gold now cost 47,150 Rupees, totaling 175,754 Rupees, and on the international market, gold is also now priced at 1,872 dollars. This severe pressure in global markets is due to the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, pushing gold prices to new heights.

In Pakistan, the government announced the official gold rates a month ago, setting the price of gold at 199,500 Rupees.

Details reveal that the last time the price of gold reached a whopping 215,000 Rupees per tola was on September 12. After a significant reduction of 4,000 Rupees in the price of gold in the country, it reached 212,500 Rupees per tola. Last month, gold prices in Pakistan saw a decline of 29,500 Rupees per tola, with the gold market recording a price of 216,500 Rupees per tola.

Yesterday, the price of 10 grams of gold dropped by 4,972 Rupees, reaching 185,614 Rupees. Furthermore, silver prices also saw a decrease of 50 Rupees per tola, resulting in a price of 2,650 Rupees per tola.

It should be noted that in recent days, the prices of both gold and the dollar have been falling, and just the day before, the price of gold fell by 10,500 Rupees per tola. On Wednesday, the price per tola for 24-carat gold reached a record 222,300 Rupees, and the price for 10 grams reached 90,586 Rupees. In global markets, gold prices fell by 5 dollars per ounce to 1,926 dollars, while silver prices fell by 100 Rupees per tola to reach 2,700 Rupees.

Before this, on Tuesday, Pakistan’s gold markets saw a reduction of 6,300 Rupees per tola, bringing the price of gold to 203,000 Rupees. In international markets, the price of gold per ounce dropped by 9 dollars to 1,931 dollars, which was clearly reflected in Pakistan’s local exchange markets.

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