17 February 2024

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First pre-poll rigging complaint filed against CM Naqvi’s brother

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First pre-poll rigging complaint filed against CM Naqvi’s brother

ISLAMABAD: (Suno News) The first complaint of pre-poll rigging in the general elections 2024 has been filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Mudassar Raza, a candidate from PP-31 Gujarat, has filed the complain before the ECP, alleging that the government machinery was being used for Shafi Hussain, the candidate and close relative of Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi, in the constituency.

The complainant alleged that thousands of fake ballot papers have been printed. “These ballot papers have been prepared by stamping the tractor symbol and sealed in fake ballot boxes,” he said and added that a conspiracy was being hatched to replace fake ballot boxes with the genuine ones.

Meanwhile, the ECP has issued notices to 595 candidates and fined 261 candidates for their alleged violation of the election code of conduct.

According to ECP Spokesperson Haroon Khan Shinwari, notices have also been served on local government representatives and government employees, that and ECP had also fined 261 candidates for violating the code of conduct.

“Fifty two complaints about the violation of the election code of conduct are pending with the ECP. A total of 144 DROs and 1,200 monitoring officers are in the field across the country. These monitoring teams will also be active all day tomorrow,” the spokesperson said.

On the other hand, the Election Commission has issued instructions to the presiding officers for the preparation of Form 45 and asked them to prepare it carefully.

The presiding officers are to sign Form 45 with their identity card, get the signature of the polling agent at the polling stations in space provided on Form 45. Write a brief reason in Form 45 for refusing or leaving the polling agent’s signature.

The ECP staff has been asked to paste the copy of Form 45 outside and give it to the polling agents after the signatures. Presiding Officers will be responsible for making changes in Form 45 after affixing.

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