15 February 2024

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Election 2024: unofficial results of Balochistan Assembly constituencies

Election 2024: unofficial results of Balochistan Assembly constituencies

Election 2024: unofficial results of Balochistan Assembly constituencies

LAHORE: (Web Desk) Out of the Balochistan Assembly’s 51 constituencies, the unofficial results of the following constituencies have so far been received:

PB-1 Sherani-Cum-Zhob: Results are awaited

PB-2 Zhob

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Jaffer Khan leads with 1,730 votes against Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) candidate Fazal Qadir who got 15,587 votes.

PB-3 Killa Saifullah

Independent candidate Maulana Noorullah leads with 5,818 votes against JUI’s Maulana Abdul Wasey who got 4,023 votes.

PB-4 Musakhel-cum-Barkhan

PML-N’s candidate Sardar Abdul Rehman Kathraan secured 15,379 votes against National Party (NP) candidate Abdul Kareem who got 12,875 votes.

PB-5 Loralai

PML-N candidate Muhammad Khan leads with 1,538 while JUI-F’s Molvi Faizullah is behind him with 979 votes.

PB-6 Duki

JUI candidate Sardar Yaha leads with 1,817 votes against independent candidate Sardar Azam Tareen who is second in the race with 1,003 votes.

PB-7 Ziarat cum Harnai

Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) candidate Abdur Raheem leads with 4,247 votes against JUI’s Khalilur Rehman who obtained 3,230 votes and is second in the race.

PB-8 Sibi

PPP’s Sardar Sarfraz Chakar Domki won with a margin of 8,863. He bagged 27,126 while his opponent independent candidate Mir Muhammad Asghar Khan Maree obtained 18,263 votes and is second in the race.

PB-9 Kohlu

PPP candidate Mir Naseeb Ullah Khan Muree won by 2,517 votes. He bagged 5,842 votes and defeated independent candidate Ghazain Khan Muree who could obtain 3,325 votes.

PB-10 Dera Bugti

PPP candidate Mir Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti won by 25,574 votes. He obtained 41,756 votes against his opponent Guaram Bugti who secured 19,182 votes.

PB-11 Jhal Magsi

Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) candidate Tariq Khan Magsi leads with 5,691 votes against Balochistan National Party (BNP) candidate Mir Murtaza Abbas who obtained 663 votes.

PB-12 Kachhi: Results are awaited

PB-13 Nasirabad-I: Results are awaited

PB-14 Nasirabad-II: Results are awaited

PB-15 Suhbatpur

PMl-N candidate Saleem Ahmed won the seat as he got 24,936 votes. PPP’s Muhammad Dooran stood second by getting 15,405 votes.

PB-16 Jafarabad

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) candidate Abdul Majeed won by securing 19,189 votes. PML-N’s Rahat Jamali was second in the contest with 14,231 votes while independent candidate Umar Jamali was third with 9,339 votes.

PB-17 Usta Muhammad

PPP candidate Faisal Khan Jamali obtained 11,837 votes while his opponent BAP candidate Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali stood second with 6,618 votes.

PB-18 Khuzdar-I: Results are awaited

PB-19 Khuzdar-II

JUI candidate Mir Younis Aziz won the seat as he secured 22,396 votes. His opponent NP candidate Sardar Aslam Bazenjo was second with 17,157 votes.

PB-20 Khuzdar-III: Results are awaited

PB-21 Hub: Results are awaited

PB-22 Lasbela: Results are awaited

PB-23 Awaran: Results are awaited

PB-24 Gwadar

Haq Do Tehreek’s Hidayatur Rehman leads with 2,272 votes while Hamal Kalmiti is behind him with 1,640 votes.

PB-25 Kech-I: Results are awaited

PB-26 Kech-II: Results are awaited

PB-27 Kech-III

Independent candidate Barkat Ali won the seat by 5,704 votes. He bagged 16,224 votes while his opponent JUI candidate secured 10,520 votes.

PB-28 Kech-IV: Results are awaited

PB-29 Panjgur-I: Results are awaited

PB-30 Panjgur-II

NP candidate Rehmat Saleh Baloch won from PB-30 by getting 9,823 votes. BNP Awami candidate Shakeel Ahmed stood second with 8,129 votes.

PB-31 Washuk

JUI’s Nawab Aslam Raisani is first in the race with 196 votes while PPP candidate Sardar Noor Ahmad Mangalzai is second with 167 votes.

PB-32 Chagai: Results are awaited

PB-33 Kharan

PML-N candidate Shoaib Nushairwani won the seat as he got 11,203 votes while his opponent BNP candidate Sana Baloch secured 9,102 votes.

PB-34 Nushki

JUI candidate Ghulam Dastgir Badini won the seat with 16,671 votes while his opponent BNP candidate Babu Rahim Mengal secured 15,014 votes.

PB-35 Surab: Results are awaited

PB-36 Kalat: Results are awaited

PB-37 Mastung

JUI’s candidate Nawab Aslam Raisani won the seat as he bagged 3,668 votes while his opponent PPP candidate Noor Ahmed Bangalzai obtained 11,593 votes.

PB-38 Quetta-I: Results are awaited

PB-39 Quetta-II: Results are awaited

PB-40 Quetta-III

Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) candidate Abdul Khaliq Hazara won the seat as he obtained 7,200 votes against independent candidate Imran Hussain who could bag 2,634 votes.

PB-41 Quetta-IV: Results are awaited

PB-42 Quetta-V: Results are awaited

PB-43 Quetta-VI: Results are awaited

PB-44 Quetta-VII: Results are awaited

PB-45 Quetta-VIII

JUI candidate Mir Usman Pirkani emerged victorious with 4,800 votes.

PB-46 Quetta-IX: Results are awaited

PB-47 Pishin-I: Results are awaited

PB-48 Pishin-II

PKMAP candidate Amjad Tareen leads with 523 votes while JUI candidate is behind him with 312 votes.

PB-49 Pishin-II: Results are awaited

PB-50 Killa Abdullah: Results are awaited

PB-51 Chaman

Awami National Party (ANP) candidate Asghar Khan leads with 5,147 votes against independent candidate Abdul Khaliq who bagged 4,676 votes.

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