Govt announces decrease in electricity tariff
ISLAMABAD: (Web Desk) Federal Energy Minister Awais Leghari has announced that the power tariff will decrease in December 2024.

“If the value of the rupee does not come down, the electricity tariff will decrease from December,” he said while addressing a Senate session.

He said after one to one-and-a-half-year reforms, the government will be able to provide cheap electricity to people.

Leghari claimed a subsidy of Rs440 billion has been given on electricity bills, adding an increase of over Rs2 per unit was not allowed for 16,800,000 power consumers.

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“For some domestic consumers, the electricity price has increased from Rs2 to Rs9 per unit. A burden of Rs150 billion on industries has also been removed,” he added.

He said two-and-a-half-crore domestic consumers are paying less than the production price, adding electricity is being generated at Rs35 per unit.

He admitted that the electricity tariff is high, reiterating the government will provide cheap electricity to consumers after one to one-and-a-half-year reforms.

On Thursday, the federal cabinet approved through circulation the Rs5.72 per unit increase in the base electricity tariff.

As per official sources, the National Electric Power and Regulatory Authority (Nepra) had sent the decision to the government to increase the base power tariff by Rs5.72 per unit for the current financial year.

The hike in the base power tariff will be implemented from July 1, 2024. With the hike, the base power tariff will be increased from Rs29.78 to Rs35.50 per unit.