10 December 2023

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Airstrikes on Gaza: The number of casualties exceeds 1000

gaza: airstrikes and causalities

Airstrikes on Gaza: The number of casualties exceeds 1000

Gaza: (Suno News) The number of casualties in aerial strikes by the Israeli army on Gaza has exceeded 1,000. These figures were released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

It is stated in the announcement that since the beginning of Israeli airstrikes, 1,055 people have been injured, and more than 5,100 have been martyred.

According to details, Operation “Toufan Al-Aqsa” has entered its fifth day. The number of Israelis killed in Hamas attacks has reached 1,200. During the 24 hours, the Israeli army targeted 450 locations in Gaza. In violation of international laws, white phosphorus bombs were also dropped on Palestinian territories, covering the city in smoke. Children, women, and the elderly are facing difficulties in breathing. Gaza has been engulfed in darkness, and the city is lit up by burning tires and fireworks. Due to Israeli aerial strikes, over 70,000 Palestinians in Gaza are now homeless.

Conditions in Gaza

Israeli forces and equipment are amassing around Gaza’s borders. The situation of people in Gaza is deteriorating, and relief organizations have expressed concerns. The number of casualties on both sides is increasing. The death toll in Gaza has reached 1,000, while in Israel, it has exceeded 1,200.

Israeli airstrikes are ongoing, and there is a shortage of food. The only source of fuel, natural gas, is running out. After the deadly Hamas attack on southern Israel, the Defense Minister of the country ordered a complete lockdown of Gaza, cutting off water, electricity, and gas.

Fearful Palestinian Citizens

Palestinian citizens are scared and fatigued, taking shelter in hospitals and schools due to the fear of Israeli airstrikes. Approximately 2.3 million people reside in Gaza, and many of them are now homeless. A British-Palestinian surgeon working in a Gaza hospital has stated that due to the influx of patients, hospitals have been converted into refugee camps. Those who are frightened of the aerial strikes are staying in a safe environment within the hospital. More and more injured individuals are being transported to hospitals, and their numbers are increasing. According to the surgeon, the hospital where they work has 2,200 to 2,500 beds, but so far, it has received 4,500 injured patients.

Israeli Air Force Attacks Hezbollah Stronghold

The Israeli military has stated that it has targeted a military position linked to Hezbollah inside Lebanon. Fighter jets carried out an attack on a Hezbollah checkpoint in Lebanon. Ground forces also set the area on fire. Israel claims that this action was in response to a new missile attack by Hezbollah. On the other hand, Hezbollah confirmed the missile strike and stated that it was a retaliatory act for the deaths of three of its armed members in an Israeli attack.

Statement by Iran’s President

Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, said in a government meeting today that “Zionists are committing crimes against humanity in front of the world’s eyes.” He called on all international organizations and bodies to fulfill their responsibilities without any discrimination or privilege. It should be noted that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had previously stated that Iran had no involvement in the Hamas attacks and that these attacks were the “work of the Palestinian people.”

Confirmation of Attack on Islamic University in Israel

Israel has confirmed the attack on the Islamic University in Gaza. It was reported yesterday that a part of Gaza City’s Islamic University was destroyed in Israeli aerial strikes. The Israeli Air Force has now confirmed the attack, stating that the university “serves as a major training center for Hamas engineers.” Hamas used this place to produce weapons.

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